A new issue of the International Review of Contemporary Law, IADL’s digital legal journal, has been released on 19 December 2020.

Edited by Evelyn Dürmayer, the issue focuses on broad themes related to democracy and feminism in the era of COVID-19. It addresses a wide range of topics, remembering Ebru Timtik, the lawyer in Turkey who lost her life on hunger strike for justice, and highlighting the call for fair trials in Turkey; addressing international gender violence and abuse; highlighting coastal erosion in Togo; chronicling the women’s movement for democracy in India; looking towards a Red Feminist future; calling attention to serious injustices at international tribunals; reviewing the trial of Golden Dawn in Greece; examining the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; exploring neoliberalism and democracy; and confronting colonialism and reparations in Kanaky.

It includes articles in English, French and Turkish. Marjorie Cohn and Kathy Johnson participated in editing the issue, and Charlotte Kates laid out the issue.

See below for links to all articles:

Click here to download a PDF of the December 2020 issue of the Review.

Download the PDF file .


All articles published in the International Review of Contemporary Law reflect only the position of their author and not the position of the journal, nor of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers.


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