Sunday, September 20, 2020


International Criminal Justice

Points of view of IADL related to the various international criminal courts.

Financial Crisis and Economic Rights

The response to the financial crisis requires rejecting austerity and defending the people's social, economic and cultural rights.

Indigenous movement in Columbia under attack

Since the beginning of August 2008 eleven members of the indigenous movements have been assassinated in Colombia, following threats made by paramilitary right-wing groups....

War on Terror or War on Dissent?

Documentation file on the war on terror

Palestine and the Middle East

Throughout its history IADL has organised campaigns and activities in defence of the rights of the Palestinian people. IADL opposed aggression by Israel against...

Lawyers under threat

Everywhere in the world lawyers and independent judges are more and more under threat. Death squads in the Philippines killed several lawyers, independent judges in Pakistan are under...

International Commission for Labor Rights: Critical Assistance for working people and trade unions worldwide

The International Commission for Labor Rights, ICLR, is a non-profit organization that is based in New York, coordinating the pro bono work of a...