Over 450 lawyers and legal organizations around the world submitted a letter of support to Judge Preska in the sentencing hearing for Steven Donziger on Tuesday, September 21, 2021. The letter was coordinated by the International Association of Democratic Lawyers and the (U.S.) National Lawyers Guild International Committee.

It urges Judge Preska “to sentence Mr. Donziger to time-served based on the length of his home detention and the unusual nature of a private prosecution where the charges were rejected by the U.S. Attorney Southern District of New York. We note that Mr. Donziger maintains his innocence and has a demonstrated commitment for almost three decades to the cause of human rights and to helping his Indigenous and campesino clients in Ecuador deal with on-going health and land issues as a result of oil contamination. The extraordinary length of his pretrial home detention (over two years) alone warrants leniency at this time.”

The Donziger case is critically important for all human rights lawyers and movement organizations challenging corporate devastation of the environment and Indigenous land. Donziger was targeted by Chevron after he helped Indigenous peoples win a historic judgment against the company in Ecuador to clean up the pollution caused by decades of oil drilling with no environmental controls.

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September 20, 2021

Honorable Judge Preska:

As legal organizations and attorneys from the United States and around the world, we have closely monitored the case of Mr. Steven Donziger, a human rights attorney who, since 1993, has led an international team representing Indigenous communities and rural farmer communities struggling for environmental, economic, and health justice against Chevron for its role in the toxic pollution, environmental damage and health crisis caused in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Mr. Donziger ultimately helped these communities win a $9.5 billion pollution judgment against Chevron in the company’s preferred venue of Ecuador, where it insisted the trial take place and where it had accepted jurisdiction. This judgment has been confirmed by three layers of appellate courts in Ecuador, including the country’s Constitutional Court. It was also validated for enforcement purposes by Canada’s Supreme Court in a unanimous decision issued in 2015. Chevron vowed never to pay the judgement and threatened the affected communities with a “lifetime of litigation” unless they dropped their claims.

As a result of these successful efforts to hold the company accountable, for over a decade Chevron has pursued aggressive retaliatory litigation against Mr. Donziger in United States courts to silence, bankrupt and jail him. Because Mr. Donziger refused on ethical and legal grounds to turn over privileged documents to Chevron without first allowing for appellate review, Mr. Donziger faced civil contempt charges issued by Judge Kaplan. In July 2019, Judge Kaplan referred the case to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York for criminal contempt prosecution, which the Office declined. Thereafter, Judge Kaplan took the extraordinary step of appointing a private law firm, Seward & Kissel (a firm with known ties to Chevron and Chevron-related entities), to prosecute Mr. Donziger despite the firm’s well-documented conflict of interest. The Seward firm pushed for Mr. Donziger’s unprecedented pre-trial detention and opposed his request for a jury trial.

Mr. Donziger has served over two years of home detention–incredibly considered a “flight risk” in the middle of a global pandemic–after vigorously participating in his defense and never before missing a court date.  By his sentencing on October 1, 2021,  Mr. Donziger will have been subject to 787 days of house arrest while the misdemeanor charge he faces carries a maximum sentence of six months and the longest sentence ever imposed on a lawyer in New York for the crime of contempt is 90 days of home detention

We, the undersigned concerned bar organizations and jurists from around the world, thus urge you to sentence Mr. Donziger to time-served based on the length of his home detention and the unusual nature of a private prosecution where the charges were rejected by the U.S. Attorney Southern District of New York. We note that Mr. Donziger maintains his innocence and has a demonstrated commitment for almost three decades to the cause of human rights and to helping his Indigenous and campesino clients in Ecuador deal with on-going health and land issues as a result of oil contamination. The extraordinary length of his pretrial home detention (over two years) alone warrants leniency at this time.



Legal Organizations:


  1. International Association of Democratic Lawyers
  2. National Lawyers Guild
  3. Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle , New York City US
  4. Alfonso David Barrientos Zapata, La Paz – Bolivia
  5. Amazon Watch, Oakland
  6. Asociación Americana de Juristas
  7. Asociación Americana de Juristas Colombia, Bogota, Colombia
  8. Asociación Nacional de Abogados Democráticos, Ciudad de México
  9. Central Arizona National Lawyers Guild, Phoenix, AZ
  10. Centro de Documentación en Derechos Humanos “Segundo Montes Mozo S.J.” (CSMM), Ecuador
  11. Chicago ALBA Solidarity, Chicago, US
  12. Comite Dialogo Ambiental, Salinas, Puerto Rico
  13. Common Sense Legal Counseling, Somerville MA
  14. Community Housing Transformation Centre, Montreal, Canada
  15. Community Justice Center Fresno, FRESNO
  16. CORAP, Kinshasa, RDC
  17. CRED, Rome, Rome
  18. Defending Rights & Dissent, Washington, DC USA
  19. Democratic Lawyers Association of Bangladesh (DLAB), Dhaka, Bangladesh
  20. Detroit & Michigan Chapter of the NLG, Detroit, USA
  21. Ecojustice Legal Action Centre, Dundrum, Co Down, Ireland
  22. European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and World Human Rights (ELDH), Düsseldorf, Germany
  23. Future Law Institute (UK) , Bath, United Kingdom
  24. Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers , London
  25. Hawai’i Institute for Human Rights, HONOLULU
  26. HICHRP(Hawaii Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines ), Honolulu, USA
  27. Housing and Land Rights Network – Habitat International Coalition, Giza, Egypt
  28. Indian Association of Lawyers, Mumbai , India
  29. Interfaith Worker Justice – New Mexico, SANTA FE
  30. International Association of People’s Lawyers-Australia, Woy Woy, NSW, Australia
  31. International Federation For The Protection Of The Rights Of Ethnic, Religious, Linguistic & Other Minorities (IFPRERLOM), Geneva, Switzerland
  32. International-Lawyers.org, Geneva, Switzerland
  33. Law and Disorder Radio, Cohost, Law and Disorder Radio
  34. Legal Centre Lesvos, Mytilene, Lesbos, Greece
  35. Mazingira Istitute, Nairobi, Kenya
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  37. Nakuru Reproductive Health Centre, Nakuru
  38. National Association of Democratic Lawyers (South Africa), Durban , South Africa
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  40. National Lawyers Guild, Maryland Chapter, Baltimore City, MD, USA
  41. National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers (Philippines), Philippines
  42. Native Justice, LLC, Boulder, Colorado USA
  43. New Economy Law, Totnes, UK
  44. New Mexico Environmental Law Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  45. NLG University of San Diego, School of Law, San Diego, USA
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  47. Notre Affaire à Tous, Lyon, France
  48. com, Caracas, Venezuela
  49. Pachamama Alliance , San Francisco, United States
  50. Palestine Legal, Chicago, New York, San Francisco Bay Area
  51. Parable of the Sower Intentional Community Cooperative, Richmond, CA.
  52. Partnership for Civil Justice Fund, Washington, DC, USA
  53. Plan B.Earth, London, UK
  54. Progress Lawyers Network Brussels , Brussels
  55. Project Blueprint, Marshfield, Massachusetts
  56. Rainforest Action Network, San Francisco
  57. Rainforest Relief, Minneola, Florida, USA
  58. Resource Generation (NYC Chapter), New York City
  59. Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network
  60. Social Economic Action and Transformation for Humanity, Masvingo
  61. Ukrainian Association of Democratic Lawyers , Kiev, Ukraine
  62. University of Arizona College of Law National Lawyers Guild Student Chapter, Tucson, Arizona
  63. Water Protector Legal Collective , USA
  64. WESPAC Foundation, Inc., White Plains, NY, USA
  65. Women Protection Organisation ( WOPO ) , Lagos State, Nigeria
  66. Women’s Federation for World Peace International, Wien
  67. World’s Youth for Climate Justice Brazil, São Paulo, Brazil


Individual Attorneys: 


  1. Achim Rollhaeuser, Lawyer, Lawyers’ union for the defence of fundamental rights, Greece, Athens/Greece
  2. Adé Olaiya, M.A., UNESCO Inclusive Policy Lab Expert, Bristol, UK
  3. Adnan Mohammed, Sanaa Yemen
  4. Alain Bali, Los Angeles
  5. Alan Herzfeld, Boise, USA
  6. Alan Podber, Brattleboro, Vermont, USA
  7. AlanTimothy C. Lunceford-Stevens JD, National Lawyers Guild, NEW YORK
  8. Alaric Ohlson, Hamilton, New Zealand
  9. Aleta Alston Toure, Parable of the Sower Intentional Community Cooperative, Richmond, CA.
  10. Alex Galle-From, Minneapolis, MN, USA
  11. Alex King, Tucson
  12. Alexander Cameron, Washington, DC
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  14. Alice D Ellis Gaut, JD, PI, Capital Defense Mitigation Specialist, Tigard, Oregon, USA
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  340. Ronke Adeyemi, Partner, Ronke Adeyemi & Co, Ilorin
  341. Rosemary Hnatiuk, Landmark, Manitoba
  342. Rosie Hinnebusch, Sarasota
  343. Rosie O’Malley, Chicago, Illinois
  344. Rouzanna Paladin, Marina del rey
  345. Ruth Santiago, Comite Dialogo Ambiental, Salinas, Puerto Rico
  346. Ruzzel Morales, Climate Reality Leader / Mentee of Atty Antonio Oposa, NCR, Philippines
  347. Ryan Bestford, GMIAU, Manchester, UK
  348. Sally Frank, Professor of Law, Drake University, Des Moines
  349. Samira Ben Ali, CAEN (France)
  350. Sara Matlin, Redwood City, California, United States
  351. Sarah Beth Cain, Knoxville, TN
  352. Sarah McKee, Formerly General Counsel, Interpol U.S. National Central Bureau, Amherst, MA
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  375. Sven Ahlen, Arlington
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  396. Zachary Lown, Lown Law Firm, Boston

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