Commission 4: Globalization, Human Rights and Social, Economic and Political Rights of the People – Paris 2005

    Sub-themes, among other topics, included:

    • Globalization and its impact on workers and employment – attack on Trade union and workers rights – victimization, physical assaults & liquidation of trade unionists – responsibility for protection – Columbia – International Commission on Labor Rights;
    • Globalization and the role of trade and international financial institutions;
    • People’s right to determine their path to economic, social and political development;
    • Debts and its impact on development – writing off of foreign debts, the only way out?
    • Accountability for violation of human rights – Violation of sovereignty of states by members of UN – responsibility under international law;
    • Rights of immigrants
    • New forms of racism and racial discrimination – Durban Conference and after – reparations and remedies;
    • Rights of Women and Children – violence – gender discrimination – child labor

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