Commission 1: UN Charter, International Relations and International Institution – Paris 2005

    Sub-themes will, amongst other topics, include:

    • UN Charter – 60 years of its signing – experience – need for reforms or effective enforcement?
    • Devising remedial measures for violation of UN Charter and other instruments, particularly by signatories and to make them accountable
    • Economic embargo – consequences and role of UN;
    • Violations of international law – aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq – occupation and violence in Palestine – role of United States and other participating countries – events in Haiti, Ukraine;
    • Situation in Palestine – Occupation and violence – Apartheid wall – role of Palestine and Israeli NGOs;
    • Anti-war movement – unprecedented participation-people as a bulwark for peace;
    • Crimes against humanity – International Criminal Court – immunity agreements; War crimes – domestic jurisdiction over such crimes committed outside – importance of People’s Tribunals; International Court of Justice – need for mechanism for implementation of its decisions;
    • Special International Tribunals (ICTY and ICTR) as afor international law and justice? Rights of the accused and the victims – violations – practice and procedures – necessity for safeguards;
    • Role of NGO’s and functioning of international organizations – curb or increased participation?

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