UN Organs, Their Respective Roles and Competencies & Supporting People’s Struggles: The People’s Academy of International Law Course 2B


Thursday, February 22

9 am Pacific, 12 pm Eastern, 5 pm UTC

Interpretation available in English, Spanish, French (Arabic, Portuguese upon request)

Register: https://peoplesacademy.net/register

NOTE: This will be a three-hour course!

The People’s Academy of International Law, which is sponsored by the International Association of Democratic Lawyers, seeks to help progressive and anti-imperialist lawyers and human rights defenders globally to marshal the tools of international law to support people’s struggles. Watch past sessions at the People’s Academy website.

Join our Course 2B, on Thursday, February 22: UN Organs, Their Respective Roles and Competencies & Supporting People’s Struggles

Register to be taught by recognized experts in international law, from UN Special Rapporteurs to legal academics to people’s lawyers with decades of experience using international law and legal mechanisms to protect human rights. This course has an anti-imperialist, people and earth-centered view of international law, designed to support practitioners and movements. Course materials and education will be in English, French, Spanish and potentially other languages.

Faculty for Class 2B:

  • Kojo Koram, lecturer at the School of Law at Birkbeck College, University of London.
  • Nadia B. Ahmad, associate professor at Barry University School of Law.
  • Dr. Dinorah La Luz, member of Advisory Council and Executive Committee of the American Association of Jurists.

The program will be moderated by Marjorie Cohn, Dean of the People’s Academy of International Law.

Register and learn more: https://peoplesacademy.net/register 


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