Join us on Saturday, June 3rd to hear the effects of U.S. imperialism on the people of Nicaragua at 11AM [GMT -4].

This hearing will feature expert witness and Supreme Court representative, Dr. Alba Luz Ramos.

Dr. Alba Luz Ramos, President of the Supreme Court of Nicaragua in 1984, played a part in the Nicaragua vs United States case in the International Court of Justice, won by Nicaragua in 1986, which the United States refused to respect.

She will give witness to Nicaragua’s constant use of international law to resolve conflicts and the legacy of Fr. Miguel d’Escoto (Foreign Minister of Nicaragua in the 80’s and President of the United Nations in 1989) and his efforts to promote a more just United Nations.

Register today:

The International Association of Democratic Lawyers is a co-sponsor of the Tribunal. Visit the Sanctions Tribunal website to learn more and register for upcoming hearings.


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