The following IADL message to the World Peace Council assembly in Hanoi, Vietnam, was delivered by Grace Saguinsin:

Greetings to the World Peace Council assembly from IADL.

On behalf of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers, we extend our warmest embrace of solidarity. We congratulate all who are gathered here and wish you a very successful congress.

The enemies to peace are at the gates.

The US imperialist hegemon is saber-rattling in Asia and the Pacific. It is leading the eastern push of NATO. Russia on the other hand, has grabbed the US and NATO provocation and launched its illegal attack against Ukraine whose people are now suffering immensely as the threat of escalation and nuclear war increases.

Undaunted by its failed armed aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq, US Imperialism continuously flexes its war machine against countries that resist its control.

US Imperialism intensifies its unilateral coercive measures against independent countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Syria, Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea, Nicaragua, Sudan, Yemen and Zimbabwe among others.  It scandalously bolsters and supports Israel in its unlawful occupation of Palestine.

Still reeling from the economic crisis that started in the financial meltdown of 2008, the global pandemic, and the worsening crisis of monopoly capitalism, US imperialism and the emerging imperialist powers are desperately intensifying the exploitation and oppression of the working class in their own economies and in their neo colonies and client states.  While the monopoly capitalists continue to amass wealth, the poverty, hunger and deprivation of the masses worsen.

US imperialism and the emerging imperialist powers, also intensify the unsustainable plunder of the world’s resources, amass super profit from the reliance of fossil fuel for energy, and push the world to irreversible environmental and biological devastation that threatens the survival of humanity.

But the peoples of the world are fighting back.

In their own yard the working classes in the belly of the beast are rising up and resisting the profit hungry monopoly capitalists and oligarchs. They assert their right to decent jobs, social services, housing, health and democratic rights.

Nations and peoples of the global South also assert their national sovereignty and economic independence from imperialist plunder and neo-liberal globalization.

The most oppressed and exploited peoples in the neo colonies and client states of the imperialists are organizing and fighting back. They valiantly resist the fascist attacks of their US backed government and state forces and assert their comprehensive civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights.

Our gathering here in the World Peace Council is a major part of the resistance of the peoples of the world against US Imperialism and neo liberal globalization.

Our desire for world peace based on justice, for the right of nations to self-determination and for a sustainable world order and climate justice reverberate in the halls of this assembly and into the world.

The International Association of Democratic Lawyers which was founded in 1946 as a sister organization to the World Peace Council is honored to give its greetings to all our friends at this Congress and pledge to work for Peace and Justice with our comrades here.  #



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