Welcome Remarks by Marjorie Cohn

The following article was published in the April 2022 special issue of the International Review of Contemporary Law, the journal of the IADL.

Welcome to this tribute to Monique and Roland Weyl. After so many decades of their tireless dedication to peoples’ struggles, it’s hard to believe they are no longer with us.

We all remember their intensity, their brilliance, and their devotion to the people. Whenever there was a struggle for freedom, equality or justice, Roland and Monique were there. They taught us how to use the UN Charter and international law to support the peoples’ struggles. Monique and Roland were a team.

We remember Roland’s abiding grief when he lost Monique. He didn’t know how he could go on. But he continued the struggle.

Roland was active and vital to the end. I remember him going up and down the winding staircase inside his office, well into his 90s. I remember eating lunch with him at his favorite Chinese restaurant around the corner from his office, every time I was in Paris.

I am sure that both Monique and Roland would be pleased to know that IADL is founding the Monique & Roland Weyl Peoples’ Academy of International Law.

The influence and appreciation of Monique and Roland reached around the world. From Korea, Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines, to Algiers, Turkey, Lebanon, Palestine, Greece and throughout Europe, their influence is everlasting.

We are lucky to have people from most of these countries and continents here with us today to honor the life and the work of Monique and Roland Weyl.


All articles published in the International Review of Contemporary Law reflect only the position of their author and not the position of the journal, nor of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers.


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