IADL adopted a resolution on National Security Law in South Korea at its virtual Council meeting on December 5th, 2021:

The National Security Law must be abolished in advance to end the war on the Korean Peninsula

At the 76th United Nations General Assembly on September 21, the Moon Jae-in government proposed a declaration of an end to the war, jointly declaring the end of the war on the Korean Peninsula by bringing together three parties of the two Koreas and the US or four parties of the two Koreas, the US and China. South Korea and the US authorities are currently discussing the text of an end-of-war declaration to be proposed to North Korea. The Moon Jae-in government is of the view that the declaration of an end to the Korean War does not change the status of the armistice agreement system on the Korean Peninsula, the ROK-US alliance, the USFK (United States Forces in Korea) and the UN Command.

However, the declaration of the end of Korean war without the transition of the armistice agreement to a new peace regime, the dissolution of the UN command, withdrawal of USFK, and the destruction of the ROK-US military alliance, is only an empty shell, and it goes against the liquidation of the division of the Korean Peninsula and the establishment of a permanent peace regime on the Korean Peninsula.

The International Association of Democratic Lawyers concludes that the National Security Law should be abolished in advance in order to resume proper dialogue and negotiations to break the dialogue stalemate between the two Koreas and the US after the breakdown of the North Korea-US summit in Hanoi, Vietnam in February 2019, and to end the war on the Korean Peninsula permanently. The reason for this is as follows.

USFK is stationed in South Korea to maintain and strengthen hostility to North Korea under the name of the ROK-US alliance. The National Security Law is a key tool to maintain the hostile policy toward North Korea under the Cold War of the divided Korean Peninsula, where the US military is stationed.

The National Security Law denies the sovereignty of the North and defines North Korea as an anti-state entity, making it the target of annihilation and collapse, with the entire North Korean leadership and ordinary citizens being subject to criminal punishment.

The National Security Law suppresses the struggle of the Korean people for independence, democracy, and reunification and brainwashes the people into a mindset of slavery through pro-US flunkyism and confrontation with the same nation. In South Korea, there is neither the freedom to fight against USFK nor the freedom to fight against the ROK-US joint exercises, which bring about a war crisis on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia. Even the peaceful reunification movement, which opposes the ROK-US alliance and fights for the withdrawal of US forces from South Korea, is thoroughly suppressed by the National Security Law.

The federal reunification plan for North and South Korea to independently and peacefully reunify without foreign interference is being thoroughly trampled on as just because the North Korean leader proposed it and is regarded as the claims that benefit the enemy under the National Security Law.

In order to convert the declaration of an end to the Korean War and the armistice agreement into a new peace regime, and to end the Cold War system divided on the Korean Peninsula and establish a peace regime on the Korean Peninsula, hostile relations must be ended and the National Security Law, a key tool for hostile policies toward North Korea, must be abolished first.

On December 5, 2021
International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL)


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