The International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL) salutes the life and mourns the passing of our co-founder, the great people’s lawyer, Roland Weyl, at the age of 102 in Paris.

As noted by the Portuguese Association of Democratic Lawyers, “Maître Weyl has always been a prominent and politically active citizen; as a founding, and leading, member of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers; as a defending lawyer, both in Court and in other fora, for so many people and organizations that craved for justice; as the author of a vast and multi-faceted bibliography on legal and social issues; as a researcher and nurturer of Law, of the «bon droit» (as stated in one of his most recent books, “il y a du bon droit et du mauvais droit” [there is a good Law and a bad Law]; and “obtenir la proclamation d’ un bon droit est donc un combat, et aussi qu’ il ne reste pas sur le papier mais soit apliqué” [to obtain the proclamation of a good Law is therefore a struggle, as is striving to ensure that it does not remain on paper, but is applied]); in short, as a steadfast citizen and as a lawyer that is unflinchingly committed to the ideals of emancipation, as a recognized writer – a great maître à penser (et à agir).”

During his over 80 years of professional life, he participated in the French Resistance to Nazi occupation, took up the political defense of political, trade union and anti-colonial activists, and edited the Contemporary Law Review from 1954 to 1991. He was a co-founder of the IADL in 1946 and served as first vice-president. The IADL will never be the same again.

We encourage member associations and supporters of IADL to leave their messages for Roland’s family and loved ones in the comment box below.

IADL Transitional President Edre Olalia’s salute to Roland Weyl:

Incomparable, inimitable, and irrepressible Roland Weyl. Our hearts are broken.

You have been a beacon of light and immense source of inspiration and awe for all of us you left at the IADL.

102 years is never enough for a consistent fighter for democracy, justice and international solidarity.

And you never paused or paced since you help found the IADL in 1946.

You had the energy, stamina, grit and eidetic memory of a young bright-eyed lawyer. And yes, you had an uncanny, even childlike sense of humor.

From Paris to Brussels, from Manila to Ho Chi Minh, from Lisbon to Washington, you left an indelible trail of wisdom and wise cracks that reverberate in our minds.

Long live your memory and exemplary life of a true internationalist lawyer!

Au revoir, Roland, leader, mentor, seatmate & comrade-in-law. Merci beaucoup!


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