Please join us this morning, Monday, January 25 at the online hearings of the International Commission of Inquiry on Systemic Racist Police Violence against People of African Descent in the U.S. to hear testimony from attorneys and a family member during the hearings for the George Floyd case and the Jacob Blake case. George Floyd’s murder, as you all know, captured the attention of people across the world. and resulted in uprisings in the streets in the US and abroad.

Later in the week there will be hearings concerning the cases of Michael Brown, Miriam Carey, Tamir Rice and others. Register to view the live streamed hearings at The full schedule of hearings for the next two weeks is on the website.

All of the videos and transcripts from the first week’s hearings are available at our website,

The International Association of Democratic Lawyers is a co-sponsor of the International Commission, together with the National Conference of Black Lawyers and the National Lawyers Guild, IADL Affiliates in the United States. The Commission’s Steering Committee is chaired by Lennox Hinds, IADL Permanent Representative to the United Nations. This project is supported financially by the National Lawyers Guild Foundation.

Please visit – the website for the commission – to see the hearing schedule, review the case list, and register to attend these public hearings. All of the hearings will take place over Zoom and will be recorded and transcribed — they are also streamed live on Facebook

We urge you to join us today – and in the 14 days of hearings to come, to hear the powerful testimonies and calls for justice and accountability that must inspire dedicated action.  


Press Contact Person:  Kerry McLean, Esq.,

The hearings will be broadcast live via Zoom. For a full schedule of the hearings and other information about the Commission of Inquiry please

Register for the hearings at:


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