The following resolution was adopted by the International Association of Democratic Lawyers Council meeting on 25 October 2020: 


The International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL) expresses its solidarity and fraternal support to Enrique Romero, a Spanish lawyer and parliamentarian, founder of the Association of Left-Wing Lawyers- Network of Democratic Lawyers, elected member of the IADL Bureau, and the target in recent days of  a vicious attack by the neo-fascist group Vox in the Spanish Parliament.

Enrique Santiago Romero was attacked by fascists for having been, in his capacity of legal adviser to the FARC, one of the  protagonists of the peace agreement reached in 2016 between the latter and the Colombian government, in which reside all the hopes of a country, such as Colombia, battered by decades of civil war.

It is therefore clear, and must be condemned unreservedly, that there is a subjective and objective  convergence among the Spanish fascist parliamentarians of Vox and all those who, starting with former Colombian President Uribe, under investigation and recently detained by the Colombian judiciary for witness tampering, against the background of his complicity with paramilitary formations and drug traffickers, are now trying to sabotage the  Peace.

In this context, there have recently been dozens of murders and massacres against former fighters and popular social movement leaders, while the Italian UN official Mario Paciolla has also been killed by the enemies of peace.

In affirming our solidarity with Enrique Santiago Romero and the Spanish Federation of Left-Wing Lawyers – Network of Democratic Lawyers IADL reaffirms its anti-fascist commitment, for peace and justice in Colombia and democracy everywhere.

25 October 2020


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