The Portuguese Association of Democratic Jurists (APDJ), a member organization of the IADL, held its general assembly on 30 March 2019, where it elected its leadership and adopted resolutions on a number of issues, including the persecution of lawyers in Turkey, workers’ struggles in Portugal, the coup attempt and sanctions against Venezuela and the rights of the Palestinian people.

The APJH leadership elected at the assembly, which will be in office until 2021, is as follows: 

President:         Madalena Marques dos Santos (jurista –docente universitária – Lisboa)
Vice-President: Isabel Maria Almeida Baptista (juíza – Funchal – Madeira)
Treasurer:         Dulce Octávia dos Reis (advogada – Barreiro)
Voting member:                 José António  Rodrigues Alexandre (jurista – Palmela)
Voting member:                Joel Moriano (advogado – Lisboa)
Voting member:               André Marçalo (advogado – docente universitário – Lisboa)
Voting member:               Carlos Alberto Fernandes (jurista – Lisboa)
Voting member   Paula Cristina Silva Tavares Fernandes (jurista – Lisboa)
Alternate:  José Manuel Rosa Dionísio Guerreiro (Jurista – Tribunal Contas – Lisboa)
Alternate         Hugo Dionísio (advogado – Lisboa)

Board of the General Meeting:

President: Guilherme Dias Pereira da Fonseca (juiz conselheiro jubilado – Lisboa)
Secretary: João Ferreira (advogado – Porto)
Secretary: Mário Cunha (advogado – Faro)
Alternate secretary: Alcinda Márcia Oliveira Guedes da Silva (advogada – Porto)

Supervisory Board:

President: Luís Corceiro (advogado – Lisboa)
Voting member:       Helena Amador Casqueiro (advogada – Lisboa)
Voting member:        Renata Sofia Delgado Gomes da Costa (advogada – Aveiro)
Alternates: António Negrão (advogado – Lisboa)
                  Vanda Cristina dos Santos Silva (jurista – Coimbra)

In addition, the Editorial Committee of the APJD Bulletin is:

José Pinheiro Lopes de Almeida (advogado – Lisboa)
António José Bernardo Filomeno Rosário Colaço (Juiz Conselheiro Jubilado – Lisboa)
Maria Manuela de Almeida Pires (Advogada – Lisboa)
José Miguel Grazina Machado (Técnico Superior Jurista – Lisboa)
Fernando José Martins Barbosa Ribeiro (Advogado estagiário – doutorando)
Gráfico: José Araújo.

Resolutions passed (Portuguese downloads available now; English forthcoming):

Read the resolutions below:


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