A tragic incident of barbaric attack on lawyers in the city of Quetta on 8th August, 2016.

  A terrorist firstly short down the President of Balochistan Bar Association Mr. Bilal Kansi and when his dead body was taken to Civil Hospital, several Bar Members and leaders gathered there, then a suicide bomber attacked and blasted himself in a crowd of lawyers, resultantly 97 people died and 171 seriously injured. Amongst the dead persons 62 are lawyers which includes senior Bar leaders. The Pakistan Bar Council has declared seven days mourning and three days complete strike.

The Democratic Lawyers Association (Pakistan) has strongly condemned this tragic incident and the terrorist attack by tragic religious extremists as the IF and Jamiat-e-Ahrar a section of Pakistani Taliban have accepted the responsibility. The Democratic Lawyers Association also strongly criticized the policy of Pakistani Estate Officials for blaming RAW of India immediately on happening of the incident even before any inquiry or investigation, the DLA called upon the political leaders of both the countries India and Pakistan to stop this policy or blame game of each other.

According to the Democratic Lawyers Association mere military or intelligence combing operations are no solution to counter the terrorism unless long term policies are adopted in the internal and external affairs of the country. Against the religious extremism and intolerance radical changes are required to be made in the social sector, particularly in educational system which the Estate has absolutely failed to adopt, despite consistent demands by the progressive and liberal sections of the society.

The Democratic Lawyers Association while showing deep sympathy with the grieved injured families have called upon the legal fraternity to raise their voice not only against this barbaric incident but also against the religious extremism and intolerance, calling upon the Government of Pakistan to root out this menace from the country by changing its internal and foreign policy perceptions and improving good friendly relations with neighbouring countries both in economic and political fields.



 Member Pakistan Bar Council and  General Secretary, Democratic Lawyers Association.


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