IADL oral statement on Human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab Territories at the HRC31

The International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL) reiterates its deep concern over Israel’s lack of cooperation with United Nations bodies and mechanisms. Mr. Wibisono’s resignation proves once more Israel’s disregard for its international obligations and its unwillingness to put an end to the scourge that since nearly half a century provokes indescribable suffering to the Palestinian People and threatens international peace and security.

Former Special Rapporteur Mr. Richard Falk has been banned from entering the Occupied Territories during his 6-year mandate. The same occurred to all other UN Mandate Holders and inquiry missions, the last of which was the United Nations Fact-Finding Mission on the 2014 Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip. Israel’s attempts to conceal the truth regarding its crimes are nevertheless useless. The brutality of the Israeli military occupation is indeed well know to the international community.

Despite the hundreds of United Nations resolutions, Israel’s gross, widespread and systematic violations of international law continue unabated; its war crimes remain unpunished and its unlawful policies are being institutionalized.

In the face of Israel’s persistent non-compliance with international law, the reaction of the international community should be unanimous and resolute. Unfortunately this is not the case. The boycott by a great number of countries of the Debate under Item 7 is particularly distressing and demonstrate the lack of real political will to hold Israel accountable for its criminal acts.

Notwithstanding sporadic protests and condemnations, several UN Member States continue their military and economic cooperation with Israel regardless of its human rights record, and criticize HRC resolutions aimed at addressing the dramatic situation in the OPT as ‘unbalanced’ and ‘biased’. Several countries attempt to criminalize the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, one of the most effective tactics used by the Palestinian resistance in their struggle for justice and freedom. The legislation of some States has been revised in order to limit universal jurisdiction and perpetuate impunity for suspected Israeli war criminals. Briefly, many efforts are deployed to shield Israel from censure, criticism, and above all, from accountability.

We call upon the Human Rights Council not to surrender to Israel’s pressure and to redouble its efforts to uphold and enforce international law and to enable the Palestinian People to exercise their inalienable rights to self-determination and independence through the establishment of the Palestinian State.

March 21, 2016

Download IADl oral statement on Palestine HRC31


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