17-19 June, 2016 Kathmandu, Nepal

     Organizing Committee Kathmandu Nepal

Phone: +977-9841277445, E-mail: colapvinp@gmail.com

Dear Friends, The International Preparatory Committee of Conference of Lawyers of Asia and Pacific in cooperation with the International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL) together with the Organizing Committee in Kathmandu, Nepal invites your participation at the Conference of Lawyers of Asia Pacific (COLAP-VI) on 17-19 June 2016 at Kathmandu Nepal. The COLAP VI was postponed from it’s scheduled date of 25-27 June 2015 due to the devastating earthquake in Nepal.
The International Preparatory Committee for COLAP-VI to be held at Kathmandu comprises of the Indian Association of Lawyers, Japan Lawyers International Solidarity Association, Vietnam Lawyers Association, National Union of Peoples Lawyers of Philippine, Pakistan Democratic Lawyers Association, Democratic Lawyers Association of Bangladesh and the Nepal host organisations, Progressive and Professional Lawyers Association, Nepal (PPLA-Nepal) and the Nepal Peace and Solidarity Council (NPSC).
The five Conferences of Lawyers of Asia and the Pacific have already been organised at New Delhi (India), Tokyo (Japan), Hanoi(Vietnam) , Seoul(South Korea) and Manila(Philippine) in this Region. The conferences have discussed extensively on the contemporary challenges to the movements and rights of the people, international relations and new world order for a peaceful and just world defending rights of the people around the world. The outcomes of these conferences have been communicated widely to the people and leaders of the world. The International communities and governments have also responded to the number of outcomes of those conferences. Similarly national, regional and international peoples’ movements and organizations have appreciated and supported the conclusions of those conferences.
The International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL) and its affiliates have supported these efforts towards advocating rights, justice, peace and fair international order at such conferences at regional level and have been appreciated by the lawyers, leaders, students, youths, peace movements, human rights activists and leaders of peoples’ organization.
The Sixth Conference of Lawyers of Asia- Pacific (COLAP VI) is being held with the theme “Challenges to rights of the people for Peace, Democracy, Human rights and economic development”. The theme reflects the current challenge of the world population on defending their rights, democracy and dignity to live in peace and with sovereign status. The conference with four thematic commissions on Global and Regional Peace, Human Rights, Economic Development, and Democracy and number of side events along with specific session on Nepal’s Development on Democratic Process and Difficulties, will discuss on current world situation and context of threats in Asia-Pacific and need of peoples’ struggle and new legal system.
The Nepal Peace and Solidarity Council (NPSC) and the Progressive and Professional Lawyers Association, Nepal (PPLA-Nepal) national umbrella organizations working for the rights, peace, democracy and rule of law in Nepal are jointly hosting the Conference under the banner of National Organizing Committee.
Details of the conference along with registration, logistic and other technical aspects can be downloaded below. We look forward for your active participation, contribution and solidarity on advocating for peace, justice, democracy, rule of law and economic development with fair world order in the Region.
For more information, please fee to contact us at colapvinp@gmail.com



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