The International Association of Democratic Lawyers issued at its bureau meeting in San Jose (Costa Rica) on September 24 and 25, 2011 the following resolution regarding the election in Cameroon:

Whereas elections are scheduled in October in Cameroon;

Whereas the President who has served four terms is running for a fifth term;

Whereas the Constitution of Cameroon was amended to allow a President to serve more than four terms;

Whereas the democratic forces in Cameroon consider this amendment a threat to democracy ;

Whereas the democratic forces in Cameroon are also concerned that the upcoming elections may not be not be organised fairly with the guarantee of equality of expression of the candidates;

Whereas the people in many African countries are facing poverty, hunger, disease, and conflicts generated by mercantile competition of powerful post-colonial interests;

And whereas the peoples of this continent are entitled to fully enjoy their right of economic and political self-determination;

Therefore be it resolved that these elections be held in a manner to fully guarantee, at all levels, the right of the people of Cameroon to freely choose their governmental representatives with a full guarantee of equality of the candidates, freedom of expression, and organisation of the ballot process.