IADL condemns in the strongest possible terms Israel’s murder of human rights workers and calls for an international investigation

The International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL) condemns in the strongest possible terms Israel’s murder of human rights workers who were attempting to deliver 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza. At least 19 people were reportedly killed and dozens injured when Israeli troops boarded the 6-ship Freedom Flotilla convoy in international waters and immediately fired live ammunition at the people on board the ships. The convoy was comprised of 700 people from 50 nationalities and included a Nobel laureate, members of parliament from Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Turkey and Malaysia, as well as Palestinian members of the Israeli Knesset and a Holocaust survivor.

Israel’s armed attack on these human rights workers constitutes a clear breach of international law. IADL demands the immediate release of the human rights workers, medical treatment for the wounded, and the immediate transfer of all humanitarian aid materials to Gaza.

IADL also calls for an international investigation of crimes committed during and after Israel’s armed attack on the Freedom Flotilla and prosecution of all Israeli officials and soldiers responsible.

Israel must end its unlawful blockade of Gaza, which constitutes unlawful aggression under General Assembly Resolution 3314 (1974).

The Security Council must immediately convene and order Israel to cease its acts of aggression.

IADL will undertake to conduct an investigation and will present its findings to the United Nations.


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