The General Assembly of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers, at its 17th Congress in Hanoi, Vietnam, having considered the effects of the United Nations Mission for the Stabilisation of Haiti (MINUSTAH) on the human rights and, in particular, the economic, social and cultural rights of the overwhelming majority of people in Haiti:

1.     Strongly condemns the continuing use of excessive force by MINUSTAH and Haitian police, resulting most recently in at least five deaths in April 2009, in an attempt to put down justified protests against soaring rents and food prices, extreme food shortages (leading to the increased sales of cakes made of mud, oil and salt), coupled with mass unemployment;

2.     Expresses profound concern at reports of increased structural uncertainty resulting from abductions and summary executions, including the “disappearance” in August 2007 of Pierre-Antoine Lovinsky, coordinator of the human rights organisation, September 30th Foundation;

3.     Recalls that MINUSTAH, whose present mandate is due to expire in October 2009, is the only UN peace-keeping mission to be deployed in the absence of a pre-existing peace agreement, while the Haitian Constitution prohibits the presence of any foreign force on Haitian soil;

4.     Resolves and requests as follows:

a.     That MINUSTAH immediately cease and desist from all violations of the rights of the people of Haiti and provide full and fair compensation to victims and the families of those killed and injured by MINUSTAH forces;

b.     That the United Nations Security Council shall not renew the mandate of MINUSTAH and order the withdrawal of MINUSTAH forces so that Haiti may recover full sovereignty in accordance with its Constitution.

Download resolution: Haiti and the situation of MINUSTAH.doc (24.5 KB)


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