The General Assembly of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers, at its 17th Congress in Hanoi, Vietnam, notes with grave disquiet that:

1. Military confrontation and tension on the Korean Peninsula are worsening day by day, giving rise to serious concern throughout the international community;

2. Whereas, following the issuance of the June 15 2000 Joint Declaration, agreed between the North and South, the movement for reunification advanced vigorously, however it is now facing a serious challenge and North-South relations are in serious crisis;

3. This crisis results from the hostile policy of the United States and its supporters towards the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the anti-North confrontation of the South’s authorities;

4. Although the U.S. stated it had no intention to attack or invade with either nuclear or conventional weapons, it is still reinforcing the military forces in and around South Korea and waging various anti-DPRK joint military exercises more frequently, frustrating the denuclearisation process of the Korean Peninsula and further aggravating military tension;

5. The current Republic of Korean (ROK) authorities rejected the June 15 Joint Declaration and its implementation program, the October 4 Declaration, cutting off the road to independent reunification, peace and prosperity, instead overtly advocating even such theories as “absorption reunification” and “preemptive strike,” thus causing a complete rupture in the North-South relationship without dialogue and cooperation;

The General Assembly of the IADL:

6. Affirms that the achievement of reunification, peace and security on the Korean Peninsula is one of the key issues to safeguard the peace in North-East Asia and the rest of the world;

7. Welcomes the Resolutions adopted by the UN General Assembly on “the Principles of International Law concerning Friendly Relations and Cooperation among States in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations” (October 24 1970) and “the Declaration on the Right of Peoples to Peace” (November 12 1984) as well as the “Ten Fundamental Principles for a Just World Order,” affirmed in the Hague Appeal for Peace Civil Society Conference on May 15 1999;

NOW THEREFORE, the General Assembly of the IADL:

8. Affirms that the United States should not create obstacles to achieve peace, security and reunification on the Korean Peninsula and should cease and desist from all hostile actions, including military exercises threatening the DPRK, and should take rapid measures to replace the unstable armistice agreement by a lasting peace agreement;

9. Demands that the present ROK authorities give up all confrontational policies towards DPRK, halt suppression of pro-reunification and progressive people in the South and stop all actions aimed at obstructing the improvement of North-South relations and the achievement of national reunification;

10. Extends its full support to and solidarity with the Korean people in their struggle for national reunification, peace and prosperity in conformity with the spirit of the June 15 2000 Joint Declaration

11. Affirms the importance of creating a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to bring to light all atrocities committed during the Korean War in the name of the United Nations;

12. Declares that all possible means should be developed in the short term to create a channel of dialogue in accordance with the New Diplomacy, recognising that the situation on the Korean Peninsula is essential for stability and development in East Asia;

13. Calls upon all lawyers to unite in international solidarity to protect and promote human security and better standards of living for all human beings in the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Download resolution: For Peace and Peaceful Reunification of Korea.doc (29.5 KB)



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