The General Assembly of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers, at its 17th Congress in Hanoi, Vietnam, recalling that:

1.     Since 1948, the Lebanon has been the victim of continuous aggression by the Israeli Defence Force (IDF), culminating in the occupation of its territory in 1982;

2.     In July 2006, the IDF attacked the Lebanon, massacred over 1,200 civilians, including 400 children and 500 women, and it destroyed thousands of buildings, homes, schools, hospitals, bridge, factories and electrical installations;

3.     Faced with these aggressions and occupations, the Lebanese people, like other peoples in the world, were compelled to have recourse to a resistance struggle, resulting in the liberation of most of the territory of the Lebanon in 2000 and complete victory in 2006.

Now therefore, this General Assembly of the IADL:

1.     Condemns Israel’s aggression against the Lebanon and its occupation of a part of its territory;

2.     Supports the Lebanon’s resistance in its struggle against aggression and Israeli occupation; and

3.     Demands accountability before the law for all those Israelis responsible for the crimes committed against the Lebanon, as well as those States which provided support to the IDF in committing those crimes, together with those corporations which supplied illegal armaments which have been used against the Lebanese people.

Download resolution: LEBANON.doc (24 KB)


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