Date: 15/05/2009 – 16/05/2009

Organised by: IADL

Location: Salles Pierre Nicole, Maison des Mines et des Ponts et Chaussées,

Street address:

270 rue Saint Jacques

Postal code: 75005

City: Paris

Country: France

The Tribunal heard testimony from Vietnamese victims, expert witnesses, and compiled a record of information necessary to promote the fight for justice for these victims.

The law suit on behalf of the Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange which was filed in 2004 is now over. This is because the case was dismissed at in the lower court and the appeals court did not reverse and the Supreme Court on March 2, 2009 refused to hear the case. While the law suit is over the struggle for justice for the Vietnamese continues but in different venues. One such venue will be in Paris on May 15-16 when a panel of prestigious judges will hear the case in an International People’s Tribunal of Conscience and issue a verdict. This Tribunal will provide a record to all those who support this cause to promote it in their countries and around the world. Legislation in the US aimed at providing some relief to the Victims of Agent Orange will be filed as well. This is part of IADL’s overall campaign to oppose the use of illegal weapons.

Attached is a copy of the summons and complaint which was issued to the Chemical Companies which manufactured Agent Orange and the United States Government. The Panel of Judges includes: Judge Juan Guzman from Chile who was appointed to prosecute Augusto Pinochet, Marjorie Cohn, professor of International Law in the United States, Retired Judge Claudia Morcom, from the United States, Gavril Chuizbaian, former Justice Minister from Romania, Jitendra Sharma, Sr. Advocate in the Indian Supreme Court, Shoji Umeda, attorney from Osaka. Professor Kader Asmal, former Water and Education Minister in the Mandela Government was to be a judge but for reasons of health has indicated he cannot come to Paris.

Download the charges: charges against the US govt.doc (26 KB)

Download the complaint: final summons and complaint against the Chemical Companies.doc (28 KB)



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