Date: 03/05/2008 – 05/05/2008

Location: Makuhari Messe Convention Centre

Street address:Chiba prefecture

The Conference will be held at Makuhari Messe Convention Centre.The Makuhari Messe is located in Chiba prefecture i.e., about an hour from Narita Airport,Tokyo. The Conference will commence on the morning of 4th May with a Plenary Session. On 5th May the Conference participants will go into various Symposia and workshops. One workshop by Japanese lawyers will commence at 10.00 am to 12.30 pm on US Military bases in Japan in violation of environmental pledge. On the same day, May 5 there will be an International Lawyers Panel, a Workshop on how the lawyers around the world can use Article 9 . On May 6 there are various programmes in Tokyo and Regional Conferences at Osaka and Sendai. The participants are free to chose the programme they wish to participate. A Registration Fee of US $ 20.00 is to be paid at the venue of the Conference by each participant to the Organising Committee


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