A joint Women’s Human Rights Delegation on behalf of IADL, the Center for Constitutional Rights, the International Justice Network and the National Lawyers Guild visited the Philippines from  May 25th 2006 to June 2nd 2006. The delegation composed of Tina Monshipour Foster, Rachel Lederman, Vanessa Lucas, Judith Mirkinson and Merrilyn Onisko released a report on the findings and called on the U.S. Congress to investigate the use of our tax dollars to fund Philippine political repression and human rights violations.

The delegation came to the following conclusion:

[We] must condemn the killings of political activists and baseless prosecutions of elected legislators and acknowledge the overwhelming evidence that the killings are being carried out by the Philippine military and para-military death squads under the Philippine government policy.
Despite having been “blacklisted” from the Philippines as a consequence of publishing their original report, the authors remain committed to increasing public awareness of the human rights crisis in the Philippines. In march 2007 released an update of the report and provided information on recent developments in the Philippines and re-affirm their conclusions and recommendations.

The updated report can be downloaded here below.

Download PDF: NLG report.pdf (491.92 KB)


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