IADL expressed serious concerns on the threats of aggression against Iran and resolved to oppose any attempt or threat to use military force against Iran to settle what is being called as “the Iranian nuclear crises”.

IADL condemns the threats of military aggression against Iran expressed by members of the Bush administration.

Such threats are in clear violation of art. 2.4 of the U.N. Charter which states:

“All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.”

IADL also expresses concern about information stating that the Bush administration plans the use of so called “theatre” nuclear weapons in the framework of the planned aggression.

IADL believes that a military attack against Iran , with conventional or nuclear weapons, would be a crime against peace as defined by Art. 6 a of the Charter of the Nurnberg International Military Tribunal. The use of nuclear weapons would be furthermore a crime against humanity as defined by Art. 6 c of the same Charter.

IADL has fought since its very foundation for nuclear disarmament in conformity with the principle of Art. 26 of the U.N. Charter and the Treaty on Non Proliferation (NTP). However, it must be remembered that the latter does not only impose an obligation on states that do not have nuclear weapons to restrain from acquiring them but Article VI also contains an obligation for nuclear disarmament for those countries that do have nuclear weapons.

This obligation has never been respected most notably by the world’s biggest nuclear power, the USA . IADL notes moreover that the United States has never given similar threats to its allies, such as Israel .

IADL takes note of the declarations of the Iranian government indicating that it wishes to develop its nuclear matter research for peaceful use. Such a use is obviously the right most basic to each country.

IADL notes with concern that the irresponsible declarations made by the Iranian President, in particular concerning the crimes committed against the Jews of Europe by the Nazi regime, are used as pretexts to threaten to use aggression against the Iranian people. Such declarations, deplorable and condemnable as they are, obviously do not justify the use of the military force against an independent and sovereign country.

IADL demands:

1. The immediate halt of any threat of use of the force against Iran .

2. Nuclear disarmament, above all by the greatest nuclear power of the world, the United States .


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